PROBI: Yogurt

When we got this script for Probi (a yogurt brand) from Ogilvy and Mather Vietnam, we thought it was pretty cool: it portrayed the world of the bacteria inside our digestive system, but this time this microorganisms would be depicted as characters: the bad and the good guys. At the end of the TVC, millions of good bacteria would defeat the bad guys.



Our bacteria story happens inside the human digestive system. So we would need to design a town with houses and streets with a reminiscence of the body interior, but trying not to be fleshy at the same time. We created houses following a rounded scheme and a tubular city structure. Color palette in pinks, and bright light rays coming from the far away pipes.


For the good bacteria we drawn sets of characters ranging from more classic creatures, to end on a more crazy looked character.

Bad bacteria took us a bit more time. As whatever it would come out, it had to be something our target audience wouldn´t mind to have inside their stomach when eating Probi yogurt! It ended being a dull big guy…

The approved character designs with small variations on the good guys…

… and some takes for the bad bacteria.

3D model of the characters before rigs and shading…

And a render test for both characters, now posed and shaded.


The 3D animatic is again crucial in our workflow. It shows the good bacteria as a nice policeman walking peacefully in town. Then he will discover a group of silly bad guys destroying all around, and will use his whistle to call another million guys to defeat the bad ones. This is the effect of the yogurt on our digestive system. Animation should be a bit extreme and fun to engage a young mid-age target audience.


Below some finished frames of the commercial.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam
Production company: The Frank Barton Company
Director: The Frank Barton Company