STAMPII: Digital Collections

Client’s main goal was to deliver a commercial with a strong visual look. Besides, they also wanted to transmit a few concepts: first of all Stampii do creates digital collections on sports, music, feature films, and users download Cards on new generation smartphones and PCs. Every card is unique, and includes not only a still image, but also audiovisual content that will be updated in a timely basis. And users can exchange repeated cards with other online users, as it happens with traditional cards collections.



When we got the green light for the project, Stampii was just settling down and they were negotiating the future collections Stampii would offer. So the big challenge was to show all the contents and collections Stampii was going to deliver in the near future with the drawback of not having yet the copyright of the live images for stars and sports we wanted to show. The solution we found without real images, was designing a full CGI stylized low poly version of the content Stampii was going to offer. This way we had 3D animated scenes of a soccer match, a concert, or a motorbike race…where the public could recognize –in a way- the real characters or situations, without using live footage.



These are the stylized low poly designs for the characters in the music and football sequence.

These are the stylized low poly designs for the characters in the motorcycle sequence.

We also created a human vinyl toys world to emulate the users of Stampii. Client was concerned about the viewers misunderstanding the product with a videogame because of the CGI “Stampii worlds”. So we also created in 3D the vinyl toys to deliver all as a digital world that could be far from a videogame look.


The main challenge was the idea of not shooting real actors. We knew we would need actors in the commercial to show the use of Stampii on cell phones and PCs, and also to show the idea of exchanging digital cards among people.



For a long time we wanted to recreate human vinyl toys in 3D…Every time we saw Michael Lau´s toys we asked ourselves how cool would it be to see those toys animated. Stampii project was perfect to use 3D vinyl toys instead of real actors.


Here you can find some finished frames of the commercial in full resolution:


Production company: The Frank Barton Company
Director: The Frank Barton Company